Perfect Fit™ Commercial Electric Water Heaters

Electric models are easy to install, and have self-diagnostic LED System Sentinel™ displays to verify element operation and location. And for special situations, the Perfect Fit™ line also includes point-of-use heaters, electric booster heaters, and commercial storage tanks.


  • Heavy Duty (6 - 54KW)

    Heavy Duty (6 - 54KW)

    • Surface mounted and immersion thermostat models available
    • Lifeguard stainless steel elements
  • Light Duty with Terminal Block

    Light Duty with Terminal Block

      • .92 -.93 UEF
      • 30-119. Gallon Models
      • 12.1kW for 208/240/277/480 Voltages
      • Perfect for High Water Temperature Requirement Greater than 170°F
      • Available in Short Models
  • Medium Duty (3 - 36KW)

    Medium Duty (3 - 36KW)

    • Lifeguard stainless steel elements
    • Factory installed AGA/ASME rated T&P relief valve
    • Certified for a 160 PSI maximum working pressure
  • Under Counter Booster

    Under Counter Booster

    • System Sentinel™ L.E.D. diagnostic system
    • Heavy duty anode rods
    • 6" stainless steel legs
    • Certified for a 150 PSI max working pressure
  • Light Duty

    Light Duty

    • Porcelain enamel lined tank
    • Heavy duty anode rod
    • Factory installed AGA/ASME rated T&P relief valve
  • Point-of-Use


    • Porcelain enamel lined tank
    • 120, 208, 240, 277, and 480 voltages
    • Long life tank design
  • Storage Tank

    Storage Tank

    • Heavy duty anode rods
    • ASME construction available
    • 2" of rigid foam insulation
  • Marathon Heavy Duty

    Marathon Heavy Duty

    • Available in 75, 85 and 105 gallon capacities
    • Seamless, blow-molded, polybutene tank - impervious to rust and corrosion
    • The most durable electric water heater ever made
    • High efficiency design and a lightweight tank that won’t corrode

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