Perfect Fit™ Commercial Gas Water Heaters

Each Heavy Duty gas unit features smaller jacket diameters and shorter floor-to-vent heights to make replacement in “tight squeeze” situations easier, and to save space in new construction. Many models have top, front, and rear inlet and outlet connections to make installation even easier.

  • High Efficiency Water Heater

    High Efficiency Water Heater

    • Self-diagnostic LCD electronic control
    • Full flow drain valve
    • Corrosion resistant, high efficiency 3-pass heat exchanger
  • Heavy Duty

    Heavy Duty

    • Patented multiflue design
    • Stainless steel burners
    • LED diagnostics on all damper assemblies for easier service
  • Heavy Duty Low NOx

    Heavy Duty Low NOx

    • Recovery Capacity: 72.8 gallons per hour (delivers approximately 113 gallons of hot water in the first hour for 75-gallon models and 115 gallons for 98-gallon models)
    • Eco-friendly burner, ultra low NOx design meets 14 ng/J NOx requirements
    • Low lead compliant
  • Induced Draft

    Induced Draft

    • Patented multiflue design
    • Spark-to-pilot ignition system
    • Full port, full flow brass drain valve
  • High-Input Water Heater

    High-Input Water Heater

    • Patented multiflue design
    • Specialized burner assembly
    • 550,000-715,000 Btu/h
  • Medium Duty

    Medium Duty

    • Rigid foam insulation
    • Heavy duty anode rod
    • Certified for a 150 PSI maximum working pressure
    • Low NOx models available
  • Power Vent

    Power Vent

    • Uses 3" or 4" schedule 40 PVC, CPVC or ABS pipe
    • Self-diagnostic thermostat/gas valve
    • 2" rigid foam insulation
    • Durable brass drain valve
  • Power Direct Vent

    Power Direct Vent

    • Non-condensing design
    • System Sentinel™ LED diagnostic system
    • Installs with 3" or 4" schedule 40 PVC pipe
    • Vents up to 50 feet

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