Light-duty commercial electric line designed specifically for any application needing moderate amounts of hot water

Features & Benefits

Our family of light-duty electric water heaters come in 30 through 119.9-gallon models. They are available in 3kW through 12kW and in 208, 240, 277 and 480 voltages. Perfect for HIgh Water Temperature Requirements Greater than  170° F. Short models are available.

Long Life Tank Design
Proprietary steel formulation with a unique coat of high temperature porcelain enamel maximizes corrosion resistance of the tank. This prolongs the effective life of the anode rod and in turn, the life of the tank.

Long Life Heating Elements
Our patented resistor elements are designed with a specially treated, double layer of magnesium oxide and copper to resist corrosion. Replacement elements screw in easily.

Wiring Options
Simultaneous and non-simultaneous wiring, single phase and three phase are available.

Efficient Design
2-1/2" of rigid polyurethane foam insulation provides superior insulating qualities resulting in reduced operating costs.

Automatic Temperature Control
A surface mounted thermostat automatically cycles on and off to maintain the water temperature at a desired preset level.

Durable Brass Drain Valve
Factory factory- installed brass drain valve allows for faster draining and servicing.



  • .92 -.93 UEF
  • 30-119. Gallon Models
  • 12.1kW for 208/240/277/480 Voltages
  • Perfect for High Water Temperature Requirement Greater than 170°F
  • Available in Short Models



Light Duty w/ Terminal Block