Perfect Fit Features:

  • Small jacket diameters
  • Short floor-to-vent heights
  • Multiple water connections
  • System Sentinel™ LED diagnostic system

Standard Features:

  • 3 year limited tank warranty
  • Patented multiflue design
  • Low profile automatic flue damper
  • Spark-to-pilot ignition system
  • Full port, full flow brass drain valve
  • Factory installed AGA/ASME rated T&P relief valve
  • Handhole cleanout
  • 180° max operating temperature
  • Certified for a 150 PSI maximum working pressure (160 PSI for ASME models)
  • Manual reset high limit (ASME models)
  • Low NOx Burner – The Power Assist enclosed burner design incorporates stainless steel multi-port burner tubes for long term Low NOx compliant performance. A sight glass allows for burner observation and the entire assembly is easily removable. A blower guard is provided against post-installation damage. The entire design is highly resistant to the effects of negative air pressures common to modern commercial buildings


  • Recovery Capacity: 72.8 gallons per hour (delivers approximately 113 gallons of hot water in the first hour for 75-gallon models and 115 gallons for 98-gallon models)
  • Eco-friendly burner, ultra low NOx design meets 14 ng/J NOx requirements
  • Low lead compliant


HLW on selected modelsUS CSA (Star)Classfied UL with Optional KitAHRIPropane GasNatural Gas


Heavy Duty Low NOx


Tank - 3 Years

Parts - 3 Years