• Encore RMTGH is a series of high-efficiency condensing tankless gas water heaters designed for continuous hot water


  • Up to .93 UEF
  • with stainless steel condensing heat exchanger
  • Intelligent electronic controls designed to increase energy efficiency and safety


  • Exclusive! Water Savings Setting – upon activation, this setting can save homeowners up to 1,100 gallons of water per year by decreasing the flow of water at the tap until set temperature is achieved (optional)
  • Low Flow Activation - Minimum flow rate of .26 GPM and minimum activation flow rate of .40 GPM ensures the user will receive hot water even in low demand situations
  • Recirculation Pump Kit-Ready – Providing faster hot water at the tap and savings of up to 12,000 gallons water/year
  • Exclusive! Hot Start Programming - Minimizes cold water bursts by staying in ready-fire state for back-to-back hot water needs 

Easy Installation and Service

  • New! 2" Venting with band connections
  • New! Vent up to 150 ft with 3" PVC and 60 ft with 2" PVC 
  • Built-in condensate neutralizer
  • 1/2" Gas line compatibility up to 24ft.
  • Includes easy to install hanging bracket for time savings (indoor models only)
  • Exclusive! Maintenance Notice Setting - Alerts homeowner, after 500 hours of use, to call for service check (optional)
  • Self-diagnostic system for easy installation and service
  • High-altitude capability – up to 8,400 ft. elevation above sea level 
  • Digital remote control now pre-wired and 10 ft. of thermostat wire included 
  • Supplied with a 120-volt power cord (indoor models only) 


EcoNet Enabled - all Tankless products from 2010 to present can connect to EcoNet mobile app via Tankless EcoNet Accessory Kit (REWRA630TWH)

  • For higher demand application, easily link multiple tankless units to operate as one system:
  • 2 Units: EZ Link Cable
  • Up to 6 units: MIC-6 Control Board
  • Up to 20 units: MIC-185 plus MICS-180 manifold control assembly

Environmentally Friendly Low Emissions

  •  Ultra low NOx burner meets SCAQMD rule 1146.2 requirements


  • Exclusive! Overheat Film Wrap - prevents dangerous temperatures and provides industry best side-to-side clearance of 1/2 inch
  • Industry Best! Freeze protection to -30°F 

Condensing H95 Direct Vent Indoor Models

  • RMTGH95DVLP-2 : Indoor LP 199K BTU
  • RMTGH95DVLN-2 : Indoor Natural Gas 199K BTU
  • RMTGH95DVELP-2 : Indoor LP 199K BTU w/ EcoNet
  • RMTGH95DVELN-2 : Indoor Natural Gas 199K BTU w/ EcoNet


  • Energy Star® rated
  • Up to .93 UEF
  • with stainless steel condensing heat exchanger
  • Easy Installation and Service

Energy Guide Details


LEED Points = 2AIAEnergy StarAHRICanada CSAEco FriendlyUS CSA (Star)


Encore Condensing H95 Direct Vent Indoor


Heat Exchanger - residential - 12 Years

Heat Exchanger - commercial - 5 years

Parts - 5 Years

Labor - 1 Year