Encore XR90 Induced Draft is a compact, energy saving 29-gallon gas water heater that outperforms standard 50-gallon models


  • .71 UEF
  • Well insulated for reduced stand-by heat loss


  • 29-Gallon capacity with 93 gallon FHR performance
  • Recovery: 61 GPH at 90° F rise, exceeds standard 50-gallon by up to 34%
  • Small foot print, 17-3/4 inch diameter
  • Fast one-man installation, compact and light weight

Self-Diagnostic System

  • Integrated self-diagnostic system control for easy installation and service

Low Emissions

  • Eco-friendly burner, low NOx design
  • Meets 40 ng/J NOx requirements


  • 110 VAC draft inducer (includes 8-foot cord with 3-prong plug)
  • Standard atmospheric Category I, double-wall, B-vent, 3” or 4” (4” adaptor included)
  • Fan assisted draft inducer creates the proper draft to expel the combustion gases

Flammable Vapor Detection System

  • Exclusive air/fuel shut-off device for double protection
  • Maintenance free – no filter to clean
  • Disables the heater in the presence of flammable vapor accumulation

Longer Life

  • Premium grade anode rod provides long-lasting tank protection

High Altitude Compliant

  • Certified for applications up to 10,100 feet above sea level

  • Dual certified for both potable water and space heating
  • Enhanced-flow brass drain valve
  • Temperature and pressure relief valve included
  • Low lead compliant
  • EverKleen™ patented system fights sediment build-up
  • Standard replacement parts

*Based on review of first hour delivery ratings for Rheem and major competitors’ standard 40-gallon atmospheric natural gas tank-type water heaters in June 2016.


  • .71 UEF
  • Certified for applications up to 10,100 feet above sea level
  • 29-gallon capacity

Energy Guide Details


AHRILEED Points = 1Natural GasUS CSA (Star)Canada CSA


EncoreĀ® XR90 Induced Draft


Tank - 12 Years limited 

Parts - 12 Years limited