Why Do Some Water Heaters Cost More Than Others?

The value of a water heater is determined by (1) how long it lasts, (2) how much hot water it provides, and (3) how much it costs to operate. Better water heaters last longer, give you more hot water, and cost you less in energy bills.

Here are some things to look for in a water heater that mean it's a better value for you:

  • Longer Warranties. The longer a water heater lasts, the more you get for your money.
  • Fast Recovery. Our 5500 watt heating elements provide more hot water on 12-year water heaters.
  • EverKleen™ Self Cleaning System fights sediment buildup that can cause your water heater to fail or provide less hot water. Available on 9-year and 12-year models.
  • LIFEGUARD™ Stainless Steel Heating Elements last longer, prolong tank life, fight sediment build-up, and resists accidental dry-fire burn-out. Available on 9-year and 12-year models.
  • Rigid Foam Insulation fights stand-by heat loss.
  • Heat Traps prevent convective heat loss, so the water heater costs less to operate. Available on 12-year models.

Installing Your Water Heater

All Richmond water heaters come with detailed installation instructions. Some stores also offer professional installation services. Our electric water heater models are shown in this brochure. Inside is a specification chart for selecting the model that's right for you. Thank you for choosing Richmond!