The Richmond Hybrid is our most advanced, energy efficient electric water heater. Using Heat Pump technology, the Richmond Hybrid actually moves heat energy from the surrounding air, intensifies the heat with a compressor, and then transfers the heat to the water. As this process of moving energy is much more efficient than a conventional electric water heater, and will save you hundreds of dollars per year in energy costs.

For best operation, the Hybrid model should be installed where the average ambient air temperature is at least 40 degrees or more. Typical installation sites such as an attics, garages, or basements will yield the best performance.

All Richmond Hybrid water heaters are Energy Star rated and can save you up to $286 per year in energy costs. In addition, many state and local utility companies now offer rebates or other incentives for replacing you conventional electric water heater with a new Richmond Hybrid electric model.*

*contact your local electric utility for additional details


  • Encore Series: Hybrid Heat Pump

    Encore Series: Hybrid Heat Pump

    • ENERGY STAR® rated
    • EcoNet™ enabled WiFi-connected technology gives users control over water systems, allowing for customizable temperature, energy savings and system monitoring at home or away.
    • Low lead compliant

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